Creativity @ Trinity

Creativity @ Trinity

“In the beginning, God created…”

Our Purpose:  Is to create safe environments for personal creative expression.  By partnering with the Holy Spirit we seek to learn why creativity is so important to God and what His creative purpose for us is?  To bring flow & release in the gifts God has given us and to shatter the traditional molds and grow into God’s world of creative expression.

Kingdom Perspective:  God is a creative God.  It is so important to Him that God chose to tell us He was creative before He told us He loved us.  Creativity is scientifically proven to break bondage and bring freedom.  God does not have ‘right’ creativity… He created all and all is good, how we choose to express our creativity is what matters.

Our Vision:  Is to see people grow into freedom but not necessarily into creative arts.  One does not need to be an artist for creativity and the arts to break through their bondage.  To use creativity to bring healing to ourself and others and to see a thriving creative atmosphere happening in various ways at all times.  For all ages to explore creativity in all expressions at all levels.

C@T’s Areas of Exploration:

Purpose of Spark (formally Create):  Creativity is meant to be fun, messy, weird and, sometimes, uncomfortable, but it’s not meant to be perfect!  Create is a place to come and explore Holy Spirit led projects and see what the adventure brings.  To allow the Holy Spirit to speak and release through us as as we experiment with new mediums and avenues of creativity.  When we turn our focus to the Holy Spirit, rather than the art, then the art becomes a tool for the Holy Spirit to use; for healing, deliverance, freedom, awakening, etc.   

Purpose of Flagging:  Flagging is a tangible hands on way to release the presence of God through movement!!  Most importantly, it is an act of worship and positioning for God’s presence to be released. The colours, the movements, the act of ‘heart surrender’ as you flag, all move on God’s heart for visitation and habitation.

In Biblical times Standards/ Banners are a representation of freedom in identity. That is still in effect to this day! When we wave our flags we are declaring we are God’s sons and daughters and this is His land! Flags are used for intercession, warfare, praise and more!  David sent his worshippers to the front of the army. It is praise, worship and declaration which takes down the enemy! And that is just what we do. When you see us flagging during a worship service or in the park, etc, you know that we are using our standard and declaring that this church, this city, and this country is God’s and inviting His presence to come rule and reign.

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