Purpose of Create:  God chose to tell us He was creative before He told us He loved us. Creativity is meant to be fun, messy, weird and, sometimes, uncomfortable, but it’s not meant to be perfect!  Create is a place to come and explore Holy Spirit led projects and see what the adventure brings.  To allow the Holy Spirit to speak and release through us as we seek to explore why creativity is so important to God and to shatter the traditional molds and grow into God’s world of creative expression.  When we turn our focus to the Holy Spirit, rather than the art, then the art becomes a tool for the Holy Spirit to use; for healing, deliverance, freedom, awakening, etc.

When: we meet on the fourth Thursday of each month (not Dec) @ 7pm

Where: in the Kairos Kids room (down the hall from the main auditorium)

What: please check the News Reel or contact the office to see if you need to bring anything with you this month.  Wearing your ‘grubbies’ is always recommended.

To learn more please visit our Creative Arts page.