Past, Present, Future

Past, Present, Future

 One generation will commend your works to another. [Psalm 145:4]

In 2016 we celebrated our JUBILEE Year! 50 years of Honouring His Presence.

1966: Charles Kingsfield plants and purchases a new church in Vic West, and Victoria West Community Bible Church is born.

1971: Under God’s direction, Charles appoints Harold Bredesen to lead the church in January. (Harald was a leading figure in the Charismatic Renewal.) The church’s name was changed to Trinity Christian Centre (TCC) shortly thereafter.

1976: In order to devote his full attention to an international preaching ministry, Harold Bredesen steps down as lead pastor in January. Building on the strong foundation laid by Bredesen, John Stone steps up and serves diligently as pastor of Trinity for almost twenty years.

1995: John Stone asks Ivor Lewis and his family to return from ten years of missions in South Africa and serve as lead elder.

1996: The Vic West location is sold. Trinity moves to Carey Road, its new home for the next 10 years.

2000: Trinity enters into a relationship with New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI), a translocal apostolic/prophetic team.

2005: Ivor and Jakki Lewis join the NCMI team and begin ministering to churches in the region and across the globe. With the support of a strong elder/deacon team and under the covering of NCMI’s apostolic/prophetic team, Ivor and Jakki continue to build on the vision of Trinity: establishing a biblical model of leadership, worship, intercession, community and outreach to the nations.

2006: Trinity moves to its present location in the Garth Homer Centre – 813 Darwin Avenue.

2012: Trinity Christian Centre streamlines its name to Trinity Church – same church, same vision, shorter name.

2014: Ivor and Jakki Lewis hand over the leadership of the Trinity Eldership team to Mark and Jen du Toit.