Graham & June Hunter

Graham & June Hunter

Life Group: Tuesdays @ 10am in View Royal

Graham and June were formerly a part of our eldership team.  They are both retired teachers and have chosen to offer much of their time and gifting to this local church, for which we are grateful.  Graham and June have three grown daughters and are the proud grandparents of six grandchildren.  They bring life experience, spiritual maturity and a warmth and kindness that has endeared them to the family of Trinity.  We all have appreciated their vast life experience and British sensibility! Graham loves rugby, a good English tea and Licorice All-Sorts! June is content with a good book any day!

Group Focus:

Our group meets for lively, interactive discussion, study, prayer and worship. It’s a great place to form closer friendships, and be challenged by the relevance, truth and richness of God’s Word.

Deacon, Create Leader
Karen Felsing
Elders & Life Group Leaders
Darryl & Delpheen Horrill