Josephine & Lito Camilon

Josephine & Lito Camilon

Life Group: Fridays @ 7pm in Saanich

Magandang-loob at maawain. This perfectly describes both our God, and Lito and Josephine Camilon. It is Filipino (Tagalog) for gracious and compassionate. This lovely couple have been a part of the Trinity family for about 20 years and a have a beautiful adult daughter, Jonalyn, who is a nurse at the General Hospital. Lito has worked for years as a computer technician and is a part of our sound team while Josephine touches lives as a homecare provider and welcomes everyone she comes in contact with. They are kind, caring and passionate for Jesus.

Group Focus:

Through the Holy Spirit, our Life Group seeks to hear and receive all God has to impart as we worship, share and explore scripture together. It offers a safe place to grow deeper with Jesus and yourself while supporting and encouraging each other. We also offer noodles!

Life Group Leaders
Shaun & Deborah Carney
Elders, Kairos Kids Leaders
Mark & Jen du Toit