Nathanael & Catherine Lisimaque

Nathanael & Catherine Lisimaque

Life Group: Thursdays @ 7pm in View Royal

The Lisimaque family is made up of Nathanael, Catherine and their three amazing children. They have only been at Trinity for a few of years, but have quickly become a core and beloved part of our family. Nathanael and Catherine are both large-capacity, big-hearted and incredibly generous people! They are also both gifted school teachers, home-school parents and they not only lead a life group but oversee all the Trinity life groups as well.  They all have a deep love for the Lord, and model so well what it is to be active members of the family of God, in local church.  We are truly blessed to call them family!

Group Focus:

We love God and absolutely love people!  Our Life Group offers foundational teaching for anyone wishing to get to the heart of their faith.

Deacon, Administrative Assistant, Create Leader
Karen Felsing
Life Group Leaders
Robert & Marg Jongerhuis